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April 11, 2012

RK Raghavan-led SIT 'saves' Narendra Modi, gives him clean-chit in Gulbarg society massacre during Gujarat 2002 riots

Raghavan saw no offence
The RK Raghavan-led Special Investigation Team (SIT) has not found Narendra Modi guilty in the case of Gulbarg Society killings during the Gujarat riots.

The SIT report has confirmed the worst fears of the social activists and citizens. It was earlier suspected and there were allegations that SIT was soft enough, not taking action on the documents and records made available to it.

But now its closure report gives clean-chit to Narendra Modi. The SIT found no evidence that late Congress MP Ehsan Jafri had called up Gujarat Chief Minister when the killer mob had laid siege to his residence in Ahmedabad.

The SIT did not take into account the testimony of IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt, whom it considered unreliable. It also took little note of circumstantial evidences and 'couldn't corroborate that at a meeting, Modi gave directions that police should not act and let Hindus vent out their anger over Godhra'.

Perhaps, this was the reason that no offence was found after investigating the complaint of Zakia Jafri. Amicus Curiae Raju Ramachandran's report had differed from SIT findings. But now the court would weigh in both the reports, before taking a decision.

For now, SIT has given a clean-chit to Modi. The Supreme Court had constituted the SIT, which was headed by retired IPS officer RK Raghavan. Ten years after Gujarat carnage, one of the worst anti-Muslim massacres in Indian history, the SIT absolved Modi. But activists say that the fight is not over as yet.

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