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May 7, 2012

Amir Khan's TV show Satyamev Jayate exposes 'educated' Indian middle-class: Poor don't kill babies in the womb, it's the rich who do it!

'Educated' upper class kills more girls
Actor Amir Khan's show 'Satyamev Jayate' that hit TV screens on Sunday, became a national rage, even as it exposed middle-class and 'educated' India's dark secret--the practice of female foeticide.

Khan's show that was aired on Star Plus was seen by hundreds of millions across the country and despite that it was a serious, non-masala programme, the first episode had the nation talking.

The programme showed how 'educated' Indians or the privileged urban professionals and the moneyed upper class citizens are much more regressive than the poor, the less educated, the tribal and the minorities.

Though it was always known, the show brought the issue to centre-stage in a country where middle-class has expanded hugely in the last two decades. It showed that girl child gets killed before birth (in the womb) mostly in upper class, urban and 'educated' families.

The practice is lowest in rural areas. Statistics reveal that the Tribal, the Dalits (former untouchables) and Muslims are less likely to opt for such practices. In fact, these groups have the highest sex ratio. But professionals who come largely from Hindu higher castes have the worst sex ratio.

It is not a surprise that people in Northern India, Gujarat, Rajasthan and the Punjab-Delhi-Haryana belt that is more prosperous are more prone to such inhuman acts. Even highly educated and qualified women force their daughters-in-law to abort the female child.

It may not be a surprise as educated classes are found more communal, racist and even biased in their attitudes towards Muslims or Dalit as seen in Gujarat riots or caste violence in these regions.  Clearly, education is just a means to get jobs for earning money rather than bringing a broad vision.

It showed testimonies of mothers, who were forced to abort, the views of doctors, journalists, lawyers and ordinary citizens. The low conviction rate in the cases registered under Pre-Natal Diagnostic Test or PNDT was also raised in the programme.

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