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June 17, 2012

13 TCS software engineers among 32 passengers who died in mishap, pilgrims were going from Hyderabad to Shirdi when bus fell in river

Bus fell in river in Osamanabad
As many as 32 persons, half of them women, were killed when the bus carrying them from Hyderabad towards Shirdi, fell into a river on Saturday.

Nearly 13 engineers of the software company TCS were among those who died in this mishap that occurred near Osmanabad in Maharashtra.

In all, the bus was carrying 46 passengers, of whom 15 were engineers, nine of them females, who had just completed their training and were about to join the software giant as full-fledged engineers.

Among them just two survived while the remaining 13 were reported dead. The driver was reportedly drunk and as a result, he lost control over the steering of the bus that fell into the gorge while crossing a bridge, 260 km away from Hyderabad.

The bus had left Hyderabad on Friday night. It fell from the bridge and plunged to a depth of nearly 50 feet. The two drivers of the bus survived the accident. The IT company Tata Consultative Services (TCS) had set up a helpdesk for the victim's families to provide them round the clock information.

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