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July 1, 2012

Shame in Assam: MLA Rumi Nath, her husband beaten up by mob in Karimganj for her marriage to a Muslim

TV grabs show the attack on woman MLA
In a horrific incident, a fanatic mob attacked a pregnant woman MLA, Rumi Nath, for her recent marriage to a Muslim Zaki Zakir, after her conversion to Islam.

The shameful act of the angry mob that beat her up with such vengeance and brutality in Karimganj (Assam), shocked the nation as images were telecast on TV channels.

The self-righteous mob comprised people who considered a Hindu woman's second marriage as 'immoral'.

The bleeding victims, whose clothes were also torn, were whisked away by police much later. The incident occurred at a hotel in Guwahati where the couple was staying. The incident shows the rise of fanaticism in the North Eastern state. Even women were part of the mob that had broken into the hotel room.

TV grabs showed that the pregnant was thrashed and even kicked. Her husband was also punched and beaten up. The fact that the mob had overpowered the MLA's security and then broke the door of the room to enter and attack the couple, shows the rage and passion among the fundamentalists. 

Rumi was earlier elected to Assembly on a BJP ticket but she later switched to Congress. Some social organisations had threatened that she would not be allowed to enter the Barak Valley region, comprising Karimganj, Cachar and Hailakundi. 

Police said a section was trying to give a communal turn to the incident. Four persons have been identified for the attack. Rumi is a legislator for the second time. She has a child from her first marriage. Zakir is her second husband and there are allegations that she remarried without giving divorce to her first husband. 

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