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The Indian Herald

August 22, 2012

Don't spread rumours, hate on internet: Misuse of social media in causing panic among students from North East to be probed

The false rumours that led to youths from North East leaving South India, have finally have an affect and the irresponsible users who are spreading hate on internet are now facing the heat.

With the government getting serious about action on users who have posted photographs and such content which provoked people and inflamed passions, a debate on the need for regulating the social media has once again come to fore.

Many SMS messages, Facebook posts and Tweets have been responsible for creating the panic. The central government clearly issued orders to telecom service providers to take note of the misuse of the new media. 

Now that rumours have died down, time for discussion on how to take action on people who are irresponsible and have shared hateful content. Even more, it is needed to ensure that there should not be a similar panic in future.

Thousands of people from North East including Assamese had left Bangalore and Hyderabad. Investigation revealed that doctored video clips in fact originated from Pakistan. Clearly, the issue is the the tip of the iceberg. 

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