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September 6, 2012

Raj Thackeray blames Biharis but himself a 'Bhaiya': Bal Thackeray's father belonged to Bihar, came from Magadh to settle in Maharashtra

This Marathi Manoos is also a Bhaiyya
Bal Thackeray's Shiv Sena has been known for its aggressive anti-Bihari stance but a book compiled by his father Prabodhan Thackeray shows that the family originally belongs to Bihar.

Prabodhan came to Madhya Pradesh in search of employment, briefly lived in Rajasthan, before going to Pune and subsequently making Mumbai their home.

This revelation can put Maharashtra Navanirmal Sena (MNS) leader Raj Thackery in spot, as he has been threatening Bihari migrants in Maharashtra.

The book titled 'Prabodhankar Thackeray Samagra Vangmay' was published with BJP-Shiv Sena alliance was in power and Manohar Joshi was chief minister. Not just Bal Thackeray but his son Uddhav and nephew Raj, have been attacking immigrants.

The book clearly says that Raj Thackeray's grandfather himself migrated to Maharashtra. He hailed from Magadh region. On page number 45, the entire history of Raj's ancestors is printed. None from the Thackeray clan has denied the revelations in the book.

Raj has been leading a violent campaign against people from UP and Bihar who are derogatorily termed as 'bhaiya' or 'bhayya'. Now it seems he can also be called a 'Bhaiya'. So when he terms Biharis as infiltrators, what Raj himself is?

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