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November 8, 2012

Obama won because of Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Muslims support though Whites favoured Romney in US presidential election

If Democrat Barack Obama managed to win the second term as President of United States of America (USA) despite the poor state of economy and White men favoring Republican Mitt Romney, the reason is the overwhelming support of minorities for Oabma.

Obama's stand on immigration, his emotional connection with the African American community, the Asian population which includes a growing Muslim population and his attempts to bail out and hence revive the auto industry came out as the deciding factors.

The Latinos were apprehensive about Romney's future policies. The speeches in earlier part of campaign affected his image. While Whites favoured him, the women clearly went for Obama. Among ethnic minorities Obama symbolised hope, opportunity and diversity.

The fact that nearly 95% African Americans voted for Obama was also a huge push for President Obama. Another fact that is forgotten is the growing Muslim American community which has a population estimated at over 5-7 million still remembered how George Bush regime had targeted Muslim countries.

Also, people knew that he may not have delivered on many counts due to several compulsions, but he was a man who was not a war-monger like his predecessor 'Dubya'. Thus the power of ethnic minority communities helped Obama.

The incumbent always looked sincere, humble yet optimistic and played the role of a statesman at the global stage. Though his plans didn't work well every time, his intentions were known and masses seem to realise this. This certainly shows maturity of American voters.

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