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December 15, 2012

Connecticut school shooter identified; media terms Adam Lanza as gunman, not 'terrorist'

White youth killed 27 persons including 18 children
The 20-year-old man who was involved in one of the most deadliest shootings in a school at Newtown in Connecticut in United States of America (USA) has been identified.

Initial reports seemed to suggest that he was a White youth  in this overwhelmingly Christian White town which has a minority Latino population.

Hours after the horrific killings, the prominent newspapers and websites termed the killer (Adam Lanza) as 'shooter' or 'gunman' instead of using the word 'terrorist'.

Nearly 27 children and adults are believed to have fallen victim to his bullets. The figure of children who died in this madness is said to be 18. This is one of the worst such incidents of its kind in USA. The killer had come to the school wearing a bullet proof vest. His brother Ryan Lanza, 24, is being questioned.

Adam Lanza allegedly went classroom to classroom firing at the students, said TV reports. Strangely he was not called a terrorist despite the massacre of such a magnitude. Reports also said that his mother also worked at the same school. It was an elementary school where the bloodbath took place.

Perhaps, the incident would again give rise to a debate over gun control, which remains a tricky subject and a politically sensitive issue, in USA. Multiple agencies were conducting investigations into the inhuman act committed by the man which has caused outrage across the world.

Earlier also such persons who have gone on serial killings and have shot dead people have been termed as insane or madmen. They have been termed 'mentally unstable' by section of media including newspapers, TV channels and websites, rather than calling them Terrorists.

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