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The Indian Herald

October 29, 2013

Nitish Kumar takes Narendra Modi head-on, exposes NaMo 'lies'

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has finally taken Narendra Modi head-on, and exposed the BJP leader's 'lies' at a rally on Tuesday.

Kumar said that if lies are repeated a hundred times, then people start believing them. He said that BJP's propaganda is on similar lines. 

Drawing parallels with Hitler and Goebbles, Kumar said that those who consider Hitler as their hero, believe in fascism and not in democracy.

He also said that BJP's prime ministerial aspirant is too impatient. Nitish Kumar said that during Kosi floods, Gujarat Chief Minister had offered Rs 5 crore as financial assistance but it was touted and publicised, though thousands of crores were spent on relief work. 

Kumar said that later when the cheque was returned, the BJP quickly en-cashed it. He mentioned how Modi termed Chandragupta Marya as emperor of "Gupta dynasty' apart from Modi's arrogance. In fact, Narendra Modi's team has come under fire for claiming that Jawaharlal Nehru hadn't attended Sardar Patel's funeral.

This was proved wrong after a video was showed to corroborate the presence of Nehru. Though Nitish Kumar was refraining from a direct attack on Modi, today's speech shows he has finally decided to go for a confrontation with NaMo.

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