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August 16, 2015

Campaign against imposition of Hindi in India gathers momentum on social media, Twitterati trend #StopHindiImposition

A campaign against imposing Hindi on non-Hindi speaking states in the country, which has gained momentum lately, suddenly drew nationwide attention with its emergence on Twitter.

The hashtag #StopHindiImposition began trending and supporters of the cause started tweeting against the forcible imposition of Hindi on people who don't speak or use the language.

Though the movement was visible on social media, especially, Facebook earlier, it came to limelight when Twitter got abuzz with messages against Centre promoting Hindi at the cost of other languages.

That it happened on Independence day, surprised many. Twitter users wrote that Hindi is not India's national language though many mistakenly believe that it is the national language.

Majority of the the campaigners said that Hindi was getting undue favour and this was affecting other languages of the country, which was against the idea of India viz. unity in diversity.

They mentioned how official support to Hindi was leading to linguistic inequality, which was against the spirit of the constitution. Tamil, Bangla, Kannada, Urdu, Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya and the other languages were getting a raw deal.

The speakers of these languages are discriminated officially, alleged the twitter users. In competitive examinations, government advertisements and official messages, people who spoke other languages were discriminated, they further said.

A Facebook group 'Promote linguistic equality: Hindi is not our national language' has been raising awareness on the issue of linguistic plurality in the country and its members expressed themselves on Twitter about their views.

South India has earlier raised its voice against imposition of Hindi. Now people whose first language or mother tongue is not Hindi, are joining hands for the cause once again through internet, to register their protest.

There were interesting tweets. Sandeep Kambi tweeted from the handle ‏@sandeepkambi, "What's the use of these banks if they refuse 2 use people's languages & impose an alien tongue #stopHindiImposition".

Girish Kargadde, using the handle @girishkargadde wrote, "0% of coffee is grown in Hindi speaking belt still coffee Board of India is promoting Hindi #stophindiimposition". The campaigners want all the 22 languages to be treated at par, and considered as official languages.

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