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August 13, 2015

Pankaja Munde walks barefoot, her employee carries her slippers: Minister caught on the wrong foot!

Maharashtra minister Pankaja Munde was caught on the wrong foot when TV footage showed her employee carrying her footwear.

Munde, who is minister for rural development, was on a tour to drought-hit region, when this incident occurred.

She took off the slippers and walked on. Meanwhile, her employee picked up the 'chappal' and followed her.

As the footage was aired on TV channels, Munde defended herself and tweeted that media should not turn towards sensationalism, rather, it should be sensitive.

She also said that she was on tour to drought-affected areas, which the media should focus on.

Munde also said that the man who carried her slippers was not a government employee but her personal employee. She said that due to mud, she had to take off slippers and didn't know that someone had picked up the footwear.

She didn't however said a word about the sensitivity aspect with regard to a person carrying the footwear. Munde, who is daughter of former BJP leader Gopinath Munde, is not new to controversy. There are allegations that she was involved in 'chikki' [biscuit] scam in Maharashtra, recently.

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