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August 25, 2015

Right-wing moral policing in Mangalore: Muslim man stripped, thrashed for travelling with Hindu woman in Karnataka town

Saffron groups' moral policing took an ugly turn in Mangalore when they stripped and thrashed a Muslim man.

The victim's 'fault' was that he was seen travelling with a Hindu woman, who was her colleague. 

The incident is not the first such case when right-wing fanatics took law into their hands.

Shockingly, the group of hooligans tied the man to an electricity pole, before they began beating him. 

They later paraded him on the streets. There were nearly a dozen persons who were involved in this act.

The victim is a 29-year-old. He was travelling in car with the woman, when he was pulled out.

The man was dragged, his clothes torn and was brutally beaten in full  public view. The moral policing took place close to a super market at Attavar in the heart of Mangalore (Mengaluru).

The victim was later admitted to the hospital. Some Bajrang Dal members have reportedly been detained in this regard. Mangalore has seen several such incidents when Muslim youths, traders and students were attacked by such groups.

Coastal Karnataka has been a happy hunting ground for right-wing extremists. Sri Ram Sene, Bajrang Dal and other RSS outfits have been involved in terror tactics and bullying for years. The targets are mostly Muslims and Christians. 

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