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The Indian Herald

September 16, 2015

"Right-wing terror outfits' links should be probed in Jhabua blast that killed over 100 people"

The blast at a restaurant in Jhabua, which led to the killing of nearly 100 persons, should be probed and the possibility of Hindutva outfits' involvement in it, must be looked into.

This has been demanded by the Rihai Manch, a prominent non-governmental organisation (NGO) that has been working for getting justice for innocents framed in criminal cases in different parts of the country.

The Manch has said that the blast at the restaurant in Petlawad town in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh, could be a right-wing terrorist outfit's conspiracy, as gelatin rods and detonators have been used by Saffron terror groups in the past too.

It is not possible to store such a huge quantity of explosives in a residential area unless there is political patronage and support from administration, said the Manch, adding that despite complaints made earlier, no action was taken.

Rihai manch leader Rajeev Yadav has demanded a high-level probe into the blast and has said that the need was to find out the links of Sangh Parivart and its outfits with Rajendra Kasawa, the main accused, who is yet to be arrested.

"It seems he has close links in the government, else, he couldn't be absconding till now", said Yadav. The Rihai Manch has been fighting for justice for innocent victims framed by police and other agencies in many states, particularly, Uttar Pradesh.

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