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October 7, 2015

BJP-RSS cooked up false 'Love Jihad' bogey to stir communal passions, divide India: Cobrapost sting operation reveals

Inter-religious couples were targeted systematically as part of 'Love Jihad', an allegedly well-planned conspiracy that was aimed at stirring communal passions and dividing people on religions lines.

This sensational revelation has been made in the Cobrapost sting. It suggests that RSS-BJP-VHP and other splinter groups attached to Sangh Parivar, were involved in cooking up the false story that Muslim youths were targeting Hindu girls, eloping with them and marrying them intentionally.

The investigation is corroborated by series of videos that were stealthily shot by the Cobrapost journalists. On-camera, the BJP-RSS leaders have been caught making statements that how all efforts were made to split Hindu-Muslim couples.

That, the right-wing activists used police force to threaten such couples, got society, relatives of families, harassing the couples through lawyers associated with Sangh Parivar and even assaulting and drugging them, to split the inter-religious couples.

Cobrapost and Gulail jointly conducted the sting operation that shows how members associated with India's ruling party and the elements in RSS' grand Saffron parivar including BJP, VHP,  Bajrang Dal and numerous other outfits, were involved in creating the bogey of 'Love Jihad'.

The aim was to demonise Muslims, inflame Hindu passions and create communal atmosphere which they believed helped them (Saffron forces) on the ground and also in winning elections. The sting named 'Operation Juliet', claims to have exposed the nefarious designs.

The Cobrapost revealed that from distributing inflammatory pamphlets to forcibly taking away girls from their husbands, the Hindutva outfits used all tricks to vitiate communal atmosphere and polarise society on communal lines.

Aniruddha Bahal, the editor of Cobrapost, supervised the sting and his reporters--Shishupal Kumar and Shazia Nigar, went from UP to Karnataka and Kerala, and spoke to members of BJP, RSS, VHP, Shiv Sena, Hindu Jagran Manch and many other organisations, and found that the ploy was  used across the country.

On tape, the leaders of the BJP accepted that they were involved in inciting communal violence. The sting reveals that the BJP leaders plan to use 'Love Jihad' bogey to stir passions in Uttar Pradesh where elections are to be held in next two years.

Link to Cobrapost sting and the videos

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