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February 29, 2016

BJP minister delivers hate speech in Agra, compares Muslims with 'demons', warns them of 'final battle'

Union minister for Human Resources Development (HRD) Ram Shankar Katheria has allegedly made a hate speech targeting Muslims.

Katheria, a BJP member of parliament (MP) from Agra, also threatened Muslims and warned them of 'final battle'.

This inflammatory speech was delivered in a Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) event that was organised in Agra.

Many other BJP leaders including the legislators and VHP, Bajrang Dal workers delivered fiery, anti-Muslim speeches during the event, said reports.

However, Katheria's speech is more serious as he is not just a  BJP MP but also a central minister.

In his speech, he allegedly abused Muslims, equated them to 'demons', termed them as 'Ravana's son' and also urged Hindus to destroy Muslims. The appeal to Hindus for taking on Muslims and 'final battle' call has been condemned widely.

The speakers urged the people to take up arms and instigated them to take on Muslims. The meet was organised after a VHP worker was killed in Agra. In that case, the accused persons were arrested by the police.

Congress has condemned the speech and has demanded Katheria's arrest. The BJP is mum over the minister's utterances. So far, no case has been registered against him. amajwadi Party that is in power in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

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