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February 22, 2016

Congress workers arrested for attempt to hoist national flag at RSS office in Bhopal, police snatch tricolour, march stopped

Scores of Congress workers who were on their way to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) office to hoist national flag, were arrested.

The incident occurred in Bhopal. Congress workers had started their march in the morning towards Samidha, the RSS' office.

But they faced resistance, as the police had already been called to stop them. The entire area was cordoned off in advance.

The police was presence on the route to Samidha which is located in Arera Colony.

As Congress workers led by former MLA PC Sharma moved ahead, the policemen stopped them. They were not allowed to enter the premises to hoist the flag.

The tricolour was snatched from the Congress workers.Despite protest, the police didn't relent. Angry, Congress workers staged a dharna and sat on the spot. Later the police arrested them. BJP is in power in Madhya Pradesh.

The policemen took these Congress workers along in a police van. The workers would be released later on bail, said police sources. The opposition Congress had earlier announced its plan to unfurl the flag at RSS office.

In Indore, Congress state president Arun Yadav and other party workers reached the RSS office in Indore. They managed to hoist the flag on top of the building, where a saffron flag was already in place.

Unlike Bhopal, there was no resistance at the Indore office. The main RSS office of the state, Samidha, is in Bhopal. Congress has accused BJP and RSS of fake nationalism, alleging that RSS never respected tricolour, and still Saffron flag flies on their offices.

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