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March 29, 2016

Middle-aged man rapes cow in BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh, caught red-handed in the act, arrested for unnatural sexual act

In a shocking incident, a middle-aged man was caught raping a cow in Madhya Pradesh, said police.

The accused--Shrawan Vyas, 50, was caught red-handed while committing the unnatural sexual act.

The incident occurred in Betul district.Police said that Vyas had caught the bovine after it had escaped a cow shed.

He was sexually assaulting the animal when local women saw him with his pants down, and raping the cow.

Shocked, they informed another local resident who in turn called the police. Vyas was arrested. This is not the first such incident of bestiality in Central India.

Earlier also, there have been arrests for such acts. The police said that Vyas has been booked under section 377 of IPC that charges anyone booked for sexual intercourse against the order of nature including bestiality.

Cow is considered a holy animal and is worshipped and hence it was a sensitive case. Vyas was produced in court and sent to jail on judicial custody. Even rumours about any incident of cruelty or  trafficking of cows have led to lynching in India in recent times.

Mostly the minority Muslims have been target of such rumours. Fortunately for law-and-order enforcers, in this case, the culprit belonged to majority Hindu community and hence there was no law-and-order issue.

Cow vigilante groups are more active in BJP ruled states. The BJP is in power in Madhya Pradesh too. States like Haryana, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh have seen attacks on cattle traders who have been suspected of cow trafficking.

Prior to this incident, a man, Kankar Singh Murar, was also arrested for rape with a cow. That incident had occurred in Balaghat in the State. Some other similar incidents of zoophilia have also been reported off and on in MP.

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