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April 13, 2016

BJP move to name Gurgaon after Dronacharya, who got tribal student's thumb severed, backfires; Dalit-Tribal leaders irked

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) decision to rename Gurgaon as Gurugram has backfired as Bahujans are upset with the move.

The ML Khattar government decided to change Gurgaon's name in memory of 'Guru Dronacharya', the mythical royal teacher of Pandavas.

Dalit leaders have said that it was an insult to the majority of Bahujans--the Dalits, Backwards, Tribals and Minorities.

They said that an unjust teacher's memory is being cherished and the district is being named after him, which shows the mindset of the BJP government. The move won't be tolerated, they said.

Dronacharya alias Drona is remembered as the unjust teacher who acted unfairly against a poor, common student. He was teacher to royals and was against the commoners and lower-castes' right to learning.

Drona had asked the 'lower caste' student Eklavya to cut his own thumb and give it to him (Drona) as Guru Dakshina. This is the tale in the Hindu epic Mahabhara. The mythical battle between Pandavas and Kauravas was fought in Kurukshetra in today's Haryana.

The aim was that Drona's favourite disciple, the royal prince Arjun, could have no rival in archery. Hence, Dronacharya is seen as a villain by Dalit, tribal and backward populace that forms 80% of the population in the country.

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