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April 3, 2016

Dalit teenager Delta Meghwal's murder in Jain College in Rajasthan leads to nationwide outcry, protesters demand justice

The murder of teenaged girl Delta Meghwal has angered the citizens all over the country and protests are taking place across India.

The incident occurred in Jain College, Nokha in Rajasthan.

People took out on the streets in different cities in Rajasthan and as far as Bangalore to demand justice for the girl.

She is suspected to have been raped and murdered. The role of a PT instructor Vijendra Singh is under suspicion. The victim's kin allege that even after death in suspicious circumstances, college didn't take action.

No complaint was made to police against the suspect and the attempt was made to hush up the death. The talented girl, who was an artist as well, was found dead on the premises of the hostel.

The body was later thrown in a water tank. Shockingly, even after death, the body was taken in a municipal garbage carrying vehicle without video-graphing the scene. It is being termed as an institutional murder.

Earlier, Dalit student Rohith Vemula's death in Hyderabad, had raised the issue of atrocities against students belonging to SC/ST communities. Delta Meghwal, 17, who hailed from Barmed, was studying to become a teacher.

She had been honoured by the chief minister and her painting is kept in CM House. She was studying in Jain Adarsh Teachers' Training Institute, Nokha in Bikaner. It is suspected to handiwork of a section of college authorities in cahoots with the killer(s).

It is suspected that the management tried to hush up the case. Her last call to her family suggested that she feared for her life. There has been demand to conduct an impartial inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of the teenager. Several online campaigns have also been initiated to seek justice for Delta Meghwal.

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