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The Indian Herald

April 10, 2016

Temple tragedy: 60 killed in massive fire in Puttingal Devi temple at Kollam in Kerala, 200 others injured in blaze

In a shocking incident, over 60 persons were feared dead when a massive fire broke out in a temple in Kollam in Kerala.

The incident occurred at the famous Puttingal Devi temple on the wee hours on Sunday.

Initial reports suggest that 200 persons have been injured in the blaze.

The fire started when crackers were burst during a ceremony and the fire spread. Reports suggested that the shed where firecrackers were stored, caught fire, and this resulted in the huge fire.

The injured victims were rushed to hospital. There were hundreds of persons on the temple premises then. During the event, firecrackers were burst and it led to the massive explosion and fire, said sources.

Rescue efforts were on but the death toll is yet to be confirmed. Due to the chaos, it was difficult to initially save people. A government source said that the number of those who died was more than sixty.

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