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The Indian Herald

June 10, 2016

Barack Obama endorses Hillary Clinton: Will the Democrat candidate make history, become first woman president of US?

DELHI: President Barack Obama has endorsed Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

With this Hillary Clinton is all set to create history. If she wins, she would be the first woman president of USA.

Clinton faces Republican candidate Donald Trump who is known for his controversial views.

Despite heavy odds in the earlier phase, Hillary Clinton managed to get her party's nomination for the White House bid.

The endorsement means a lot for her, as it puts pressure on Bernie Sanders to leave the race and support Hillary, so that the Democrats can join hands to fight Republican candidate.

Hillary, the wife of former US president Bill Clinton, has harboured the dreams to become US president for long. In the earlier election, she was a competitor of US president Barack Obama as presidential nominee for her party.

Later, she served as secretary of state. The election is scheduled on November 9. There has never been a woman president in America. If elected, Hillary Clinton will make history in the 'land of the free'.

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