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July 28, 2016

Cow Terror: Now cow vigilantes target Muslim women, thrash them at Mandsaur railway station in Madhya Pradesh

Cow vigilantes attacked two Muslim women in Madhya Pradesh.

The members of a right-wing group targeted these Muslim women at Mandsaur railway station.

Suspecting that the Muslim women were carrying beef, the cow vigilantes thrashed them publicly.

Though the police were present on the spot, there was no attempt to save the victims.

Instead, the local police officials remained mute spectators. The attackers went scot-free.

Later, the victims were taken to the police station and the victims were arrested. They were also booked for carrying meat and selling it 'illegally'. Though no case was registered against the cow vigilante group's members.

The meat was examined and it was found that it was not beef. The victims were carrying buffalo meat. However, the police have not taken any action against the cow vigilantes. The cow vigilantes included women workers of a local right-wing group.

BSP chief Mayawati raised the issue in Rajya Sabha and this led to a nationwide uproar. The incident has once again brought to fore the activities of the cow vigilantes but also the lawlessness in Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led Madhya Pradesh

In MP, the issue rocked the Assembly too. The two women had come to Mandsaur by Agra-Ratlma train. They were kicked, beaten up and publicly humiliated before they were handed to police. The above photo is courtesy Dainik Bhaskar newspaper's website. The victims were produced before a magistrate and sent to jail.

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