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August 31, 2015

Rationalist scholar MM Kalburgi murdered in Karnataka, role of right-wing Hindu groups under suspicion

Rationalist scholar and historian MM Kalburgi was shot dead in his house in Dharwad town in Karnataka on Sunday. He was 77.

Two motorcycle-borne persons came to the house and knocked at his door. When he came out, they shot at him point bank in the head and escaped. The police have failed to identify the killers.

Kalburgi was a former vice-chancellor of Hampi University, a historian and a strong voice against casteism.

He was a disliked by the of right-wing outfits and the Hindutva elements, because of his courageous take on social issues and the ill-practices in Hinduism.

The Bajrang Dal, VHP and Ram Sene had protested his views in the past. The murder is the latest in the series of killings of rationalists in India. Narendra Dhabholkar and Govind Pansare were killed in Maharashtra recently. The killers are to be arrested in these cases too.

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ICICI bank MD Chanda Kochhar, five others booked for fraud on businessman's complaint

ICICI bank managing director Chanda Kochhar has been booked for fraud along with five other bank employees.

The police have confirmed that they have registered a case against them. The complaint pertains to fraud of Rs 17.3 lakh.

The bank officials have been accused of unfair practices and cheating a person who had taken loan from the private bank.

A businessman, Deepak Batra, who runs a private company in Ghaziabad, had complained that he had paid the loan installments but was illegally charged an additional amount of Rs 17.3 lakh in the name of 'pre-payment'.

While seeking loan, the bank officials had said that there were no hidden charges, but it turned out that the bank had charged the complainant, excessively. After his loan was cleared, he paid installments for two years.

Later, the complainant transferred loan to another bank. Initially, he had approached the police but no case was registered. Then Batra filed complaint in the court and on the directions of court, police had to register the case.

Apart from Kochhar, the bank officials booked include Sudhanshu Sharma, Siddharth Srivastava, Diwakar Chaubey, Shubhanshu and Prachi. On the court orders, the police registered a case against Kochhar and five others.

Kochhar is also the chief executive officer (CEO) of the bank. All these six persons charged in the case,  have been booked for fraud. The police have begun investigation in this case.

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August 29, 2015

Sheena Bora murder mystery solved: Indrani Mukerjea's second husband Sanjeev Khanna confesses committing murder

Sensational revelations continue to occur as probe in the Sheena Bora murder case moves forward.

The police on Friday claimed solving the case and said that it was Kolkata-based businessman Sanjeev Khanna who had committed Sheena's murder with the assistance of  her mother Indrani Mukerjea, who is already in the custody of Mumbai police.

Indrani is wife of Peter Mukerjea, a former TV tycoon who was earlier CEO of Star India. Police said that Indrani Mukerjea had taken along her daughter Sheena in a car. Indrani's former husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyam were already in the car.

On way, Khanna strangulated Sheena to death. They later took the body to Pen in Raigad where petrol was poured on her body and it was set afire. This incident had occurred in the year 2012. Then, the police had recovered body but failed to identify it, and had closed the case.

Recently, police got tip-off that Indrani Mukerjea's daughter who been mysteriously missing for the last three years, had been murdered. After groundwork, police began questioning the suspects and later Indrani Mukerjea alias Pari Bora was arrested for conspiracy and plan to kill her own daughter.

The driver was arrested earlier. Also, her former husband has been arrested. He has reportedly confessed that he committed the murder. Indrani had told her children--Sheena and Mikhail to not tell other that she was their mother.

Sheena was introduced to others as her sister. Sheena and Mikhail were born to Indrani when she was married to Siddharth Das. Later she married Khanna, with whom he has a daughter Vidhi. After divorce, she married for the third time with Peter Mukerjea.

Peter's son Rahul, (from his previous marriage) had fallen in love with Sheena, and this relationship had irked Indrani. Also, Indrani had put huge amount of cash in Sheena's bank account to evade tax authorities, but later Sheena had refused to give back the money.

This had also angered her. Sheena wanted the money to live a lavish life with her boyfriend (stepbrother), whom she intended to marry. Khanna was upset as his daughter Vidhi was not getting her due share in the money, said sources.

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