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September 25, 2011

Muslims' protest leads to cancellation of Ahmadiyya exhibition in Delhi

Massive protest by Muslims led to cancellation of the Ahmadiyya sect's programme in the constitution club in Delhi.

The Ahmadiyya 'jamaat' of India had planned a three day event in the national capital but community leaders who term Ahmadiyyas as non-Muslims opposed it.

Ironically, it was the programme 'Exhibition on Quran' that was opposed by Muslim leaders. The Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Ahmad Bukhari, said that the Ahmadiyas are outside the pale of Islam, as they don't believe in finality of Prophet Muhammad.

Bukhari said that the sect has also made changes in the Holy Quran and thus any such event is unacceptable to Indian Muslims. The Shahi Imam began a protest march towards the club but was stopped by the police midway at Daryaganj.

He  sat on a 'dharna' at the spot in protest, refusing to budge until the Qadiyanis' (Muslims use this term for Ahamadiyas as the sect's spiritual head and first leader hailed from Punjab's Qadiyan), event was cancelled and the exhibition closed.

Bukhari then ourted arrest and went to police station where he was released on bail later. Ahmadiyyas have been declared as non-Muslims in Pakistan and some other Islamic nations. But in India, the adherents of the sect are considered as Muslims.

The Ahmadiyyas prefer the term Ahmadi or Ahmedi for themselves and consider the word Qadiani as derogatory. Muslims allege that the group considers Ghulam Ahmad as a recent prophet, which is against fundamental Islamic belief, but the sect claims that he was a 'reviver' of religion.

Muslim leaders alleged that the sect presents its belief in the form of Islam but they are non-Muslims and shouldn't be allowed to propagate their heretic beliefs. Owing to law-and-order related issue, the administration later prevailed upon the organisers to cancel the event on the first day.

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